Signs of a Sick Tree

Tree diseases are quite unpleasant conditions that are bound to occur over time. Some tree species are less susceptible to infections while others aren’t. But all in all, this is one common problem among many homeowners.

If you notice something off with your tree, you shouldn’t ignore it. Because tree problems usually begin as unusual patterns. Once such issues are treated earlier, your tree is likely to thrive. What are the common signs of a sick tree? Read below for the most common symptoms of prevalent tree diseases.

Wilting and discoloration in leaves

Just by looking at the leaves from a tree, you can tell whether it’s healthy or not. Wilting and discoloring leaves show that your tree is sickly. Leaves problems signify that the tree is not receiving enough nutrients, sunlight, or water. Therefore, no enough energy for photosynthesis.

Reduced foliage

Deciduous trees will lose leaves during winter and have enough foliage in the rest of the seasons. Evergreens do not lose leaves and have full leave coverage throughout the year. If the tree produces lesser or thinner leaves, this is a possible sign of a tree disease.

Dead branches

They are very dangerous, mostly if they are loosely hanging, as they can cause accidents. Although dead branches are not always a sign of tree disease, you might have a big problem if they become more than the usual.

Mushrooms on the bark

The growth of mushrooms on the tree’s bark is an indication of a present fungal infection. This infection is airborne and can be transmitted from one tree to another.

Unusual bark

A sick tree’s bark is likely to show signs such as cracking, spongy, brittle, and possibly visible cracks. An arborist should examine it to determine the infection.


A massive invasion of pests could leave the tree sick. You should devise the best mechanisms to prevent animals and insects from invading the tree.

You can identify a sick tree just by looking at the basic features as the leaves, branches, bark, or trunks. Any unusual characteristic that you notice could be a slight indication of a disease. However, for ordinary people, seeing these signs is not easy.

It is advisable to schedule for routine tree checkup by an arborist within your area. There are too many companies you can choose from for your tree services. However, Bloom Tree Trimming Service is the best in Stockton, CA, and the whole of San Joaquin Valley.

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