Tree Care

The first thing about tree care is providing care to the trees, and at Bloom Tree Trimming Service, care is what we are all about. We honestly and passionately care about trees and vegetation.
From the moment the first tree established its roots in the ground billions of years ago, trees have adapted and evolved to thrive in forested environments with abundant nutrients and limited stress. As a result, most trees have a difficult time trying to acclimatize to urban environments. In forests, fallen twigs and decomposing leaves supply trees with the nutrients they need and unnecessary branches are clipped off by nature.

However, that’s not the case for trees that grow in urban areas. These plants are constantly competing with shrubs and lawns for vital nutrients. Apart from that, branches often end up growing in the undesired directions. While nature still does its work of pruning wayward and unnecessary branches, the problem is that instead of falling on a forest floor, pruned branches in urban settings fall on cars and homes.

At Bloom Tree Trimming Service, we understand trees and know what they require to succeed and thrive in urban settings. As tree specialists, our mission is quite simple – do what’s best for the tree. That’s why we do our best to leave any tree we work on better than it was before. Our arborists do everything they can to improve the health of an ailing tree to prolong its life.

When working on a tree, we consider the tree’s best interest and treat it with care. That, in combination with the experience we treating trees, makes us the right people for all your tree care and management needs. All our arborists are ISA-certified professionals with training in the physiology, anatomy, and biology of trees.

Working with the right tree care services company could mean the difference between healthy and beautiful trees and sickly trees. With so many companies offering arborist services in Stockton, not all are to be trusted. Bloom Tree Trimming Service is a tree care and management company that’s built a reputation for itself over the years of being Stockton’s tree doctor and caretaker.

We’d love to have you try our services and would like to meet you and work with your trees. We serve the residents of Stockton and its environs and are available all year round. If you’re currently looking for a company that offers tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or tree fertilization services, then give us a call or send us an email, and one of our representatives will get back to your soonest.

Services we offer at Bloom Tree Trimming Service include:
– Tree Trimming / Tree pruning
– Tree evaluation, inspection
– Soil testing and amending
– Tree disease diagnosis and management
– Deep Root Fertilization
– Pre and post-construction site management
– Root zone de-compaction and root care
– Root collar excavations (RCX)
– Insect identification and control
– Trunk inoculations with ArborJet
– Organic fertilization with worm castings

Tree care
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