Palm Tree Services

Palm trees are an iconic part of Stockton’s history, lifestyle, and architecture. However, if not well maintained, their curb appeal soon becomes an eyesore. The arborists at Bloom Tree Trimming Service are experienced in palm tree skinning, trimming, and removal. We have the skills, experience, and equipment needed to get the job done.

Why Do Palm Trees Need Trimming and Skinning?

While most deciduous trees return to the same appearance during spring growth, and evergreen like cypress and pine hardly ever change, palm trees continue to grow taller and taller. The problem with this is that as they grow, old fronds, which are quite ugly and pose various hazards, remain. Since these fronds are quite sharp and heavy, they leave business owners and homeowners at risk of being sued for the damage they might cause to pedestrians and vehicles.

Our skinning and trimming solutions help eliminate drying and dead fronds to restore the appearance of your palm trees. We are also experts at palm tree removal, so if there’s an old tree that’s posing danger to your property, just reach out to us, and will have it out of your way fast and affordably.

When Is the Best Time to Trim and Skin a Palm Tree?

Palm tree skinning and trimming can be done on any day of the year, but it is best if it’s done before seeds have grown. That’s because germinating seeds consume a lot of nutrients, causing more fronds to die and the plant to lose its vibrant color. When the plant’s fruit is ripe, they fall littering the ground and making it slippery. Having your palm trees trimmed once a year could help prevent this.

How are Palm Trees Skinned and Trimmed?

The arborists at Bloom Tree Trimming Service have the equipment, training, and experience needed to get the job done, and take all the necessary safety precautions to guarantee their safety and that of your property. After consulting you to determine your priorities, needs, and goals, along with an inspection, our arborists will then determine what the best solution is and how much it will cost. Costs typically vary depending on conditions and how tall the palm tree is.

Palm Tree Trimming

Palms, just like other trees, need regular maintenance for them to be strong and healthy. We will remove dead fronds and seeds and remove as much as 90 percent of old fronds from the tree or fewer fronds for better structure – it is your choice to make.

Apart from appearance, trimming a palm tree eliminates hazards and makes the palm less top-heavy. Furthermore, with more air and sun reaching its crown, your palm tree(s) should be healthier, plus there will be fewer spaces for insects and rodents to hide.

Palm Tree Skinning

Skinning, also known as skimming, is the process of removing the rough webbing left behind after years of trimming. Our arborists carefully remove these webbing to reveal the soft inner part of the palm tree’s trunk, restoring its classic, smooth, even-textured look.

Palm Tree Removal

The removal of a palm tree typically involves cutting down the tree at the stump. While a straightforward task, it can be somewhat hazardous due to how high some of these trees grow. Some safety measures have to be taken before cutting down a palm tree to protect workers, buildings, and utility lines. Once cut down, you still have to worry about stump removal, which is a separate task with separate charges. The quote we provide will include haul-away mileage and any need for something known as a rope down – necessary to clear nearby powerlines and buildings.

Palm Tree Service
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