Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

If you have a tree stump that is bothering you (be it big or small), Bloom Tree Trimming Service can help you get rid of it fast and effortlessly. We have the industrial equipment needed to remove almost all types of tree stumps in almost all locations of a property.

Tree stumps are what is left after a tree has been cut down, and there are lots of reasons why one would want a tree stump removed. They include:
– Stumps create safety hazards
– They are eyesores
– Termites love them
– Their roots continue to grow and could end up affecting your walkway or driveway
– They could be hampering a construction
– Stumps in the soil could affect plumbing

Bloom Tree Trimming Service’s Stump Removal Process

The arborists at Bloom Tree Trimming Service are experts when it comes to stump removal and are good at operating our industrial-grade “stump grinder”, a machine that shaves and burrows into the wood, grinding it into tiny chips of wood. When working with our polite and friendly tree specialists, you can rest assured that that pesky stump will be out of your in a matter of minutes.

Our Stump Grinding Services Policies

– Estimates don’t include the removal of wood grindings (often used to backfill the hole) nor do they include the grinding of roots, unless the client specifically requests it. Stumps are generally ground to four to six inches below the ground.
– It is your responsibility as the client to remove all personal effects from the worksite. We won’t be held responsible for any damages to items that weren’t moved or removed from the work area like chairs, moveable bricks, stepping stones, toys, patio tables, etc.
– We won’t be held responsible for damages to anything underground that’s not visible like your cesspool, underground sprinkler system, etc.
– It’s your responsibility as the customer to get permission from your neighbor for us to work on their trees.
– If your yard gets altered in any way, shape, or form after we’ve already given you the estimate, the price quoted is subject to change.

Get to the bottom of your stump problem with stump grinding!

When it comes to stumps, there are two options for you to work with – you can either remove the stump or pound it. Stump grinding is quite effective as it reduces the chances of the stump growing back up. However, if you want to have an easy time dealing with that pesky stump in your backyard, you should consider hiring the services of our stump removal team. Our arborists are professionals when it comes to grinding stumps and has the experience needed to handle this, rather risky task.

Stumps, in most cases, are best dealt with by having them evacuated. However, it’s worth noting evacuating a stump could leave some blemishes around your property, especially if they’re joined to running roots that extend all through the place or ground. The good thing about stump removal is that it also prevents new, undesired growth, lessens the presence of insects, and creates more space and opportunities for landscaping. Conversely, some trees have fairly shallow, dense root balls that make removing the stump easy and straightforward.

These are amongst some of the things that we consider when estimating how much it will cost you to have a stump ground or removed. If you live in Stockton, CA, and are looking for a tree services company that specializes in stump removal and grinding, then you’ve come to the right place. At Bloom Tree Trimming Service, we are more than happy to provide you with a quote for a tree stump grinding or removal service, in addition to some of the services we offer including tree pruning and removal. Call 209-285-2326 to speak to a Bloom Tree Trimming Service representative now.

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal
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