Cabling and Bracing

If you have a tree on your property that seems to be failing or has to be gotten rid of as it’s proving to be a threat to your home or any other structure, fret not. There’s still hope. There are instances when a grown, mature tree can be saved by giving it extra support using bracing or cabling and the arborists are experts in tree cabling and bracing.

What’s Tree Bracing and Tree Cabling?

Tree cabling and bracing is the process of providing extra support to mature trees that have grown in a manner that is no longer sustainable or safe for the tree’s good. Bracing and cabling support and reinforce critical areas of a tree by limiting the tree’s branch movement. A certified arborist installs steel cables inside the trunk of a tree and secures it with heavy bolts in the crown of the tree. In instances where bracing rods are used, the tree expert performing the procedure places them between different branches to provide support to the structure of the tree. Both bracing and cabling promote growth and minimize movement during high winds and rainstorms.

Causes of Structural Support Issues in Trees

A tree might grow unsafely for various reasons, including:

– Species Characteristics: Species of trees that are likely to grow several codominant stems are more likely to have structural issues. A codominant stem is generally weaker than a stem that’s connected to the tree trunk. One way to avoid this problem is by planting species with better structures.
– Location. When a tree is fighting with other plants or is growing in a weird location, like near a building, it might develop support issues that may cause it to grow unevenly.
– Poor tree care. Juvenile trees might need regular pruning to shape their growth. When pruning isn’t done or is done improperly, the tree might end up overextending branches that are too heavy, causing weakness.

Tree Bracing and Tree Cabling Vs. Tree Removal

While it is impossible to save every tree, cabling and bracing will, in most cases, correct the problem. Here are three scenarios where these techniques can be used:

– Prevent branch or tree failure. Bracing and cabling can be used in situations where a tree has large, heavy codominant stems to prevent failure before it is too late.
– Restoring battered trees after a storm. When high winds or storms cause trees to lose a branch, bracing and cabling can be used to support other leaders that are now exposed.
– Remove hazards. When a mature tree has several stems looming over structures, it becomes a hazard to those around. Bracing and cabling such a tree can reduce the danger such a tree poses.

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Cabling and Bracing
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