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Experts recommend having trees trimmed at least once each year, usually during the dormant season. The best time for trimming trees varies depending on the species, though, and there are plenty of reasons to have a tree trimmed during other times of the year, as well. That’s why it’s best for property owners to find a local tree service modesto residents can trust and keep the number on speed dial.

Why Hire a Pro

Some property owners think they should be able to trim their own trees, but that’s never a good idea. Not only is DIY tree trimming potentially dangerous, but doing it wrong can harm the health of both the tree being trimmed and the surrounding plant life.

With professional tree trimming modesto ca property owners don’t have to worry about the health of their trees or the safety of nearby structures. Not only do professional arborists have all the equipment and training required to remove trees safely, but they also carry both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. That means in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, clients will never be left on the hook for hospital bills or property repairs.

Best Time for Tree Trimming

Every species of tree needs to be trimmed at a different time of year. There’s never a bad time to remove dead, damaged, or diseased branches, but maintenance pruning should be done while the trees are dormant. For most deciduous trees, that means late fall or winter. For flowering trees, it means late spring after the flowers have bloomed. For conifers, it means late winter to early spring.

Not sure what kind of trees are on the property? The best thing to do is to entrust judgment calls about when to prune to tree services modesto property owners know have the right set of experiences and expertise. A professional arborist can take a look at a tree and tell immediately when the best time will be for maintenance trimming and whether there are any branches that must be removed immediately for health or safety reasons.

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Tree Trimming Modesto CA

How to Tell if a Tree Needs to Be Removed

If it’s been a while since the trees on a property were professionally maintained, one or more of them may be in a state of poor health or may have developed problematic growth patterns that are difficult to fix. When this happens, property owners often choose to have the trees removed and replaced with younger, healthier specimens. Not sure if the tree can be saved? Here are a few warning signs to look out for that indicate it may be time to throw in the towel and have the tree taken down:

  • Extreme leaning
  • Visibly damaged or decaying roots
  • Extensive cracks and cavities in the trunk
  • Presence of decay-producing fungi
  • Chipped, peeling bark
  • Dead branches in the upper crown
  • More than one-third of the interior is hollow
  • Sprouts are growing from the base of the tree
  • The specimen has outgrown its allotted space
  • The tree has a severely contagious disease or insect infestation

By calling for tree removal modesto ca can save other nearby trees and get the surrounding landscape back to looking its best.

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