Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trimming Trees

Some homeowners prefer doing DIY tree trimming since it is cost-effective. Some trees have many branches, thus require a lot of work, while others require minimum maintenance. While resolving to do pruning on your own, you need to be sure that you can complete the task without risking the trees’ health.

If you do not prune your tree in the right way, then your yard looks ugly. Improper tree trimming can also reduce the property value if you are looking to reselling the house. Below are the most common mistakes you should avoid while tree trimming.

Tree Topping

Just as it sounds, topping means cutting off the top part of a tree. It is also known as ‘’heading’’. Homeowners assume that a tree is overgrown and should be cut off. This process cause stress to the trees, weakening the branches, and the tree might not serve in the long run.

Flush Cutting

This trimming involves cutting below the collar of a branch. It removes trunk tissues and results in uneven thickening of the barks. Flush cutting exposes the tree to pests and diseases and can create a hole in the trunk.

Stub Cutting

Stub cutting is done too far outside the branch collar. A stub cut delays the closure of tree wounds and makes the tree more susceptible to fungi.


Lopping is the act of acting tree branches in other parts rather than the joints. When this is done, it creates tiny and weak branches that do not look the same. It makes the tree less tolerant of decaying and might not recover to its original look.

Excessive Trimming During Growth

Spring is usually the period when the tree grows rapidly with many leaves. Excessive cutting down of branches leaves the tree to starve. It also exposes the bark to excessive destructive sunlight.

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These tree trimming mistakes will harm your tree growth and general health. Since pruning needs to be done correctly, you should ask for help from professional tee trimming service providers.

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If you are unsure about tree trimming on your own, you should seek professional help. The experts are well trained. Thus they will do pruning in the right way

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