How to Control Pests and Diseases on Trees in Stockton, CA

Pests and diseases are hazardous to trees at any stage of their growth, causing them not to attain their ideal purpose. Some bacteria and fungi are harmful to specific tree species. Invasive plants compete with young seedlings hindering their growth. At the same time, other tree species are dangerous and cause different problems.

Plant diseases and pests management are a practice that you should adopt to maintain your trees’ health. This piece will give you ways on how to control pests and diseases in Stockton.

Preventive Practices

The fundamental way of controlling pests and diseases from your trees is keeping them healthy. For instance, healthy soil provides a habitat for friendly insects, which do not affect the plants.

Some tree species are less susceptible to pests and diseases. You should consider such trees since they remain healthy and their maintenance is way easier. Another way you can curb such tree problems is routine tree maintenance, such as pruning or trimming.

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Spray Natural Pesticides

Pets damage trees by eating and sucking away from the tree. Some insects that eat plants include caterpillars and snails. Examples of sapsuckers are mites, nematodes, and whiteflies. Again, some insects are friendly to the trees and promote health. You should research before killing them.

Some examples of natural pesticides include boiling tobacco leaves and spraying on the tree. You can spray vegetable oil as it suffocates insects preventing further infestation.

Chemical Pesticides

The use of chemicals pest and disease control in Stockton is very effective. The product is based on products that are toxic to pests. There is quite a great range of products that you can use depending on the problem you intend to curb.

They are preferred because of their ease of use and efficiency in managing pests and diseases. And if you choose them correctly, you will not cause damage to your tree.


Managing pests and disease will prevent your plant from drying or dying. The best way to curb such problems is to practice preventive measures often. However your trees are already infested, you should use pesticides that work best with the species.

Importantly, always consult with your local arborists like Bloom Tree Trimming Service for excellent tree services. Maintaining your tree health is our priority. Call us on (209) 285-2326 to talk to our arborists.

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