The Fastest Growing Trees in Tracy

Tree growing is a widespread activity among people living in Tracy. Some plant trees because of their beauty and shade, while others adopt tree planting as a form of environmental conservation. There are quite diverse reasons why you could resort to tree planting.

To harness all the trees’ benefits within a short period, you must plant ones that tend to grow extremely fast in the region. What species can invest? Here are the fastest-growing trees in Tracy.

Weeping Willow

The weeping willow is among the fastest-growing shade trees you can grow in the region. The tree has a growth rate of about 24’’ annually and reaches approximately 50’’ inches at full maturity. They are a great choice if you are looking for home privacy for the better of the year. The weeping willow can thrive in both moist and dry locations.

White Mulberry

The white mulberry is a fruit-bearing tree that grows rapidly, especially in the best conditions, such as sunshine and fertile soil. However, their fruits attractive to birds.

Oak Tree

There are a variety of oak species that can thrive in California. The Pin Oak is our choice of a fast-growing tree with a growth rate averaging 2.5 feet annually.

Reed Avocado

They are the latest and fastest-growing avocado species. It is evergreen and forms a dense canopy that provides a quality shade. The tree bears fruits regularly throughout the year.

River Birch

The river birch is renowned frits beautiful bark and all color. The tree grows mostly in riverbanks but can grow anywhere in the U.S since it’s a landscape tree. River birch is also valued for its rapid growth.

Red Maple

The red maple is very common because it’s attractive all year round and has excellent foliage. It is a lovely tree that grows up to 60 feet. The tree thrives in moist areas but is drought tolerant once fully established.

Hybrid Poplar

It is a very quick growing tree that grows at a rate of about 5 to 8 feet in a year. The tree has many benefits; you can use it as a shade tree or plant in many numbers for firewood; thus, promoting energy conservation choice.


Suitable weather conditions, excellent soils, and proper tree care will accelerate your tree growth. Annual tree trimming practices will also earn you more incredible tree benefits. Talk to your local Tracy tree service company, Bloom Tree Service, and we will be glad to offer any assistance to boost your tree growth.

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