The Best Trees to Grow on Your Lawn

Almost any tree can survive in the law, provided you take the necessary maintenance step. Tress should be attractive for your landscaping aesthetics. However, for the tree to thrive in the lawn, it has to meet some conditions and proper care.

For instance, there should be no grass growing close to the tree as it stunts growth. A perfect lawn tree should deciduous to lose leaves in winter to allow direct sunlight penetration to the house. The roots should not creep upwards as lawnmowers could destroy them. Again, the tree should be adaptable to frequent irrigation. Which trees meet these conditions? Here are the best trees you can grow on your lawn.

Chinese Pistachio

It has yellow and orange leaves that provide excellent shade during the fall, making it a lovely lawn tree. It spreads to about 50 ft high and in width.

Flowering Dogwood

It is a spring-flowering tree native to the U.S. it does well in alkaline soils and dry heat. Also, it thrives in the shade, and its height grows to about 20-30ft.


Most trees in the crabapple family survive in the lawns. The molten lava has very charming flowers and bears red fruits in spring. It is also disease resistant and grows well in well-drained grounds.


It makes a beautiful awn tree if grown as a single trunk or three-trunks. It sheds leaves in fall and thrives in the high summer heat. It has a bright yellow color during fall, beautiful orange flowers, and produces red fruits.


It is lovely with a pleasant fragrance when it blossoms. It has an appealing color in the fall. However, it would help if you regularly pruned to allow easy mowing beneath the tree.

Japanese Maple

It has lobe leaves, which have a brilliant red, orange, or yellow fall color. They survive better in well-drained soils with adequate water. They need wind protection shade from the house during the hot summer.


They are liked for their glamorous bark and bright yellow color during fall. However, they have a short lifespan during winter because they are prone to pests.

Generally, lawn trees should be very inviting to add glamour to your home. Since choosing the best lawn trees is quite hectic, you can consult your local arborists for better advice.

Tree care, such as tree trimming and pruning, is vital. That’s why you need professional tree service experts to help in the process. Bloom Tree Trimming Service is your to-go company in Stockton, CA. We assure quality, efficiency, and reliability while placing your tree health as our priority.

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