Tree Planting Tips You Should Know

Trees are very beneficial to humankind and even animals. They provide food, oxygen, act as wi breaker, and shades, among other benefits. Our primary duty is to ensure that we keep planting trees to benefit even future generations. Some tree species can last for a couple of hundred years.

But then, for trees to thrive this long, there different practices that you should put in place. Here are tree planting tips you should know before you set out for the task.

Native species thrive better

While selecting a tree to plant, you have to consider its uses and why you want to plant a tree in the first place. Another thing, you should settle on a species that will thrive in your local climate easily. Go for native trees since they are well adapted to the environment and all soil conditions.

When picking a tree, consider the growth rate, required maintenance cost, and resist plant diseases and pests.

Where to plant a tree

Trees require adequate spacing and enough allowance for when they are fully grown. Therefore, check your yard and ensure that your trees will fit the space that you have. Importantly, do not plant too close to any building as the tree will pose the risk of property damage as it grows.

Plant during spring

Trees will grow faster with less dress if planted in the right season. Planting during spring allows the tree to establish in the superb weather conditions. New trees require extra care and watering for rapid growth.

Mulch the young tree

Mulching ensures that the young tree retains moisture even in harsh weather conditions and prevents competition from other plants. Use the rule of three 3 inches deep, 3 inches from the tree base, and 3-foot diameter.

Constant irrigation

A nwly planted tree requires enough water to survive. Irrigate the tree but also consider the species since they have different water requirements. If you overwater a tree, it will die.

Tree Care in Stockton, CA

Once you have planted a tree and it finally grows, it’s time to practice tree care to ensure that it keeps thriving even in the coming years. For specialized assistance, hire a tree service contractor near you.

Bloom Tree Trimming Service has a team of professionals and arborists who will help achieve your tree goals in Stockton, CA. We will prune and trim your trees properly to boost their growth and improve their beauty. If you also need stump or tree removal, don’t hesitate to contact us via (209) 285-2326.

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