Trees That Require Little or no Maintenance

Tree maintenance is costly since you must practice it regularly for healthy trees. Chances are that you do not have the time or even the money required for constant compound cleaning, trimming, or pest and disease control. Some trees are messy, and others get diseases quite quickly.

That’s why you will need to plant trees that will not give you any trouble. Here is our top pick of trees that require little or no maintenance cost. Planting them in your yard will allow you to enjoy all tree benefits effortlessly.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple is a magnificent tree that promotes your home’s aesthetics. The best part is that the tree requires good drainage and occasional watering only in the first year. Low-maintenance makes any variety of maple the right choice.


The magnolia species exists in both evergreen and deciduous varieties. They are well adaptable to almost any soil condition. They are known to be hardy, and most of them serve as accent plants.

Autumn Blaze Maple

The autumn blaze maple tree is a crosssection between the red and silver maple. The tree is beautiful, especially in spring when the leaves change to bright yellow and red. They are more famous for the color and low maintenance involved.


It is an evergreen species that also come in different varieties. Homeowners plant the tree on the hedges for privacy purposes because of its dense leaves. The

branches grow to adapt to a pyramidal shape. The tree also thrives in different soil conditions and temperatures.

Blue Spruce

Blue spruce is an evergreen that provides ample shade. The tree reaches a height of up to 80 feet, and you should plant it some meters away from the earth to give it growth space. The blue spruce does not give you the headaches of constant pruning or trimming.

Chinese Elm

It is more familiar to the American elm. The Chinese elm is resistant to diseases and tolerates drought conditions. It reaches about 40 feet when fully grown. The tree can withstand pollution in a city and can thrive in clay soil.

Professional Tree Services

While these trees have low maintenance needs, it does not mean they do not require care. Therefore, you need to talk to your local arborist to give youtube the best guidance concerning such trees. In Stockton, CA, Bloom Tree Trimming Service will provide you with all tree services at an affordable cost. You don’t have to worry about overrated estimates.

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