Best Season for Tree Trimming in Ripon

Experts recommend occasional tree trimming or pruning to keep them looking good and maintain their natural beauty. While people assume that you can prune trees any time of the year, this is not correct because the trees behave differently with the changing seasons.

Which is the best season for tree trimming in Ripon? Our arborists often get this question from most clients. Read on to know the best timing of the year to schedule for the work.

Tree Trimming During Winter

During winter, trees enter the dormancy phase. It is the hibernation period where the trees slow down every process from making food to general growth. Generally, this is the best time to start pruning your trees.

In this season, most trees do not have leaves, and it’s much easier to identify the parts that need cutting. Also, trees are less susceptible to insects and can heal faster in preparation to bloom in spring.

Advantages of Winter Tree Trimming

● It promotes the general trees and sustains future growth.

● Trimming trees during this season saves on money that you would use in fighting pests and diseases.

● All plant species can sustain pruning during winter.

Summer or Spring Tree Trimming

For specific tree species, trimming during summer or spring brings forth even better results than pruning in winter. Such plants include ones that flower during late summer or early spring.

For trees that flower from mid to late summer, you should be trim them during early spring. While the spring-flowering plants are better cut during summer. The trees such as maples, dogwoods, elms, and birches have a lot of sap, and the best period to prune them is during summer as it avoids the sticky sap mess during winter.

Get Professional Help in Ripon

For some tree species, trimming is possible at any time of the year. Therefore it is advisable to first consult your local tree trimming company or arborists for advice like Bloom Tree Trimming Service. A company that dedicates to helping you care for your trees. Call us on (209) 2185-286 to get a free estimate today.

Professionals understand each tree’s phases and know what time be perfect for trimming to avoid causing other tree problems.


Tree trimming is not something you would think about overnight and wake up to do the task. A lot is involved, especially in deciding which time of the year will be perfect for specific tree species. You will need professional assistance from arborists or contractors who specialize in tree services.

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