Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning

You know your tree needs some gardening help, but what in fact does it need? You go to call the professionals at Bloom Tree Trimming Service but what do you need to ask for, trimming or pruning? You may think that these terms can be used interchangeably but in fact they have different meanings and serve different purposes. Let’s dive into the differences and which option is best for your plants needs!. Tree Trimming Vs Tree Pruning is the topic of discussion today. Please ask any questions in the comments below

What is Pruning?

Pruning is the process of removing dead, diseased or unnecessary branches from trees and shrubs. This process is typically done every 3 to 5 years to ensure the health and structure of your plants. It can also prevent property damage due to fallen branches by training the trees to grow away from your house or power lines. There are many different types of pruning that can help you achieve different goals with your trees and shrubs such as thinning, cleaning, reduction and structural pruning. Thinning is a very drastic form of pruning, best for trees that need branches cut all the way back to their point of origin, which allows more sunlight through. Cleaning is for more aesthetic purposes, allowing you to trim up the edges to give you a more attractive looking tree or shrub. Reduction pruning is used to reduce the overall size of the tree, whether its width or height that needs trimming. Lastly we have structural pruning which can be a combination of any of the other three types to ensure the overall health of your tree along with ensuring that your tree will not split due to poor structural integrity.

What is Trimming?

Trimming is generally for more aesthetic purposes and is used on trees, shrubs and
hedges. There is no set period of time in which you should have your tree trimmed as it
depends on the tree’s growth and what shape you are aiming for. When trimming, the focus stays on ensuring that any new growth is left intact while also making sure your plant looks clean, which can add to the property value of your home. Another bonus to trimming is it can cut off disease from running ramped throughout your entire plant by cutting it off before it spreads any further.

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What Equipment is Used?

When it comes to pruning shrubs or trees with smaller branches, pruning shears or handheld clippers are generally the go to tool. When it comes to thicker and taller trees loppers are used, and if the branches are too thick for that then we turn to our pruning saws. If we are working with hedges a hedge trimmer is necessary to get a clean cut which ensures an aesthetically pleasing hedge. Along with all of the tools listed, safety equipment such as gloves,long sleeve shirts and safety goggles are essential.

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

When hiring a professional you are getting the guarantee that the job will be done correctly, safely and you will be left with healthy plants. Arborists are able to assess the needs of your plant and complete it in a timely manner leaving you with no mess or hassle. They also have an entire arsenal of tools so that they can tackle any tree, shrub or bush of any height or width. Tree trimming can also be dangerous if you are unsure of how to properly use the required tools.

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Hope we are able to answer your question about tree trimming vs Tree pruning. Leave a comment if you have more questions.

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