Your Summer Outing Must Include the San Joaquin County Fair in Stockton

Visiting a county fair can be an out-of-this-world experience for someone used to the daily grind of the metropolitan cities. The laid-back charm at the fair combined with the variety of mouthwatering food can offer something for everyone in the family. The San Joaquin county fair in Stockton, CA is held every year in June and is visited by thousands from the county and from outside. The county fair is held over four days usually starting Thursday and ending Sunday. The venue is the Stockton fairgrounds.

Food and Art the Main Attractions at the Fair

A lot of visitors to the country fair at San Joaquin will tell you that they went straight to one of the endless food counters at the fair. You get a variety of fried foods with local flavor. Local flavor in foods is a big hit with people since they won’t get to taste it anywhere else.

Besides the food, there is the art exhibition as part of the fair held inside air-conditioned halls. It’s a huge attraction for many visitors. You can browse through the collection of contemporary arts mostly credited to the local populace. You will also find articles of daily use like quilts and wearables there. There is a section devoted to photography.

The Fun Part of the Fair for Kids and Adults

There is the giant Ferris wheel which everyone would want to get on to. The view it offers while on top is something nobody wants to miss. There are other rides with some of them thrilling. Some of the rides may be aimed only at kids. The organizers try and add something new every year and the locals look forward to them.

There are also livestock events like sales and exhibitions held during the fair.

There could be no better way to spend one of the summer weekends than the San Joaquin county fair in Stockton, CA.

Some of the Other Events at the Stockton Fairgrounds

The Stockton fairgrounds located in the San Joaquin county is spread over 252 acres. While the county fair in summer is held here for just those four days in June, there are other Stockton fairgrounds events held throughout the rest of the year. The main ground can hold more than 5,000 people. There is a grandstand and six buildings for use by event organizers. The Stockton fairgrounds even hold horse racing events with a race track and 750 horse stalls available for such racing events. As many as 5,000 cars can be parked.

The Flea Market in Stockton

The Stockton flea market is located at 1658 South Airport Way, Stockton CA, and is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You can find thousands of bargains each week. Both new and used goods are sold here. The range of products sold at this flea market includes appliances, toys, furniture, clothes, antiques and other household items. You may even be able to buy groceries at this market.

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San Joaquin County Fair in Stockton
San Joaquin County Fair in Stockton

You can park your car for free and there is no admission fee for visiting the flea market in Stockton.

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