Electric Vs Gas Powered Chainsaws

This article is extracted from the Homeowner Complete Guide To The Chainsaw By Brian J. Ruth & Jen W. Ruth
A chainsaw pro shows you how to safely and confidently handle everything from trimming branches and felling trees to splitting and stacking wood. In-depth details about Electric Vs Gas Powered chainsaws

If you have decided you need a chainsaw, what is the first decision you will have to make? I would recommend first determining if an electric or gasoline- powered saw suits your needs. Both will cut wood, but comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges.

Electric Chainsaws

1.Less expensive. An electric saw can be purchased for as little as $30.(But you generally get what you pay for!)1. Slower cutting. The chain rotates at about half the chain speed of a gas saw.
2. Lightest in weight. This makes electric saws easier to use for smaller operators. You can work with them longer without becoming tried.2.Limited cutting range. You must be bear an electric outlet or the length of your extension cards.*
3. No fuel. Simply plug them in without worrying about the fuel/ oil mixture of gas saws.3. Must plug into a GFCI outlet or cord.
4. East to start. Simply squeeze an electric switch.4.Potential electric shock hazard. Be sure the motor is double insulated and the cord is grounded with a three- prong plug. Do not work in the rain or wet conditions. Be aware of where the power cord is at all times when cutting.
5. Quleter. they are easier on the ears ( and the nerves).5. Shorter length bar ( four- and- one – half to eighteen inches), due to limited power, restricts size of wood that can be cut.
6. No fumes6. No chain brake. Increased risk of injury if something goes wrong.
7. Less maintenance. No spark plugs, air filters, or fuel filters to change.7. Manual bar oiler. Operator must remember to use thumb- operated oil pump, or chain may overheat and breaks.
8. Can be used indoors.8. Close and limited grip top handles. Handle geometry can reduce control and restrict some cutting angles.
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Gas- Powered Chainsaws

1. Faster cutting. higher chain speed. The chain can rotate up to seventy mph, which means more can be done in less time.1. Generally more expensive. With more speed and power comes more expense. But it is usually worth it.
2. Range of choices and cutting capacity. From six pounds in weight up to forty pounds. With twelve- inch- long bars up to six- foot- long bars.2. Fuel/Oil mixtures. Gas- powered saws require special fuel/ oil mixtures that can be expensive and time consuming .
3. Work anywhere. Because you are not tied to an electric cord, gas- powered chainsaws can work in just about any kind of environment
(except indoors, and there is no concern of cutting the cord or electric shock.
3. Starting. Starting a gas- powered saws are usually larger, and they have large motors, longer bars, a tank full of fuel, and a tank of oil, they can be more tiring to use, especially for a small operator.
4. More safety features and available after- market attachments. since gas- powered saws are generally considered the standard in the industry, you are more likely to find built- in safety features such as chain brakes and accessories to make them easier and safer to use.4. Weight. Because gas- powered saws are usually larger, and they have large motors, longer bars,a tank full of fuel, and a tank of oil, they can be more tiring to use, especially for a small operator.
5. Noisier and create fumes. Less friendly to the operator or the environment.
6. More maintenance. Spark plugs and air and fuel filters need regular attention.

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