Trees That Will Improve Your Property Value in Manteca

The main objective of investing in property is to increase its worth even as time passes. With so many ways to boost property value, from home painting to fixing repairs, it turns out that the trees you plant in the yard could be a positive addition.

So trees do a lot more than providing shade and enhancing the appeal of your home. But then the big question is, which trees will create a good market for your home? Read on for trees that will improve your property value in Manteca and most California cities. You will never regret having these species in your yard when you begin selling your home.


Maples come in different species, and most of them are associated with boosting your home’s worth during resale. For instance, during fall, sugar maple has a great brilliant, attractive color that any home buyer would fall in love with. The Japanese maple is also the right choice with its lively autumn leaves.

Oak Tree

The oak tree is disease resistant, and many oak varieties are native in California. It requires less maintenance compared to other trees and can improve property value dramatically. But then, you should plant the tree in the right proximity from the house as it may lead to damages when fully grown. Buyers will go for yards with this tree if you plant it correctly.


The tree thrives in most areas of CA, including in Manteca and other San Joaquin Valley cities. It is a deciduous tree with flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. Some barks from certain magnolia varieties are medicinal.

Pine Tree

It is a great tree that thrives in better parts of Central, southern, and Nothern California. A mature pine tree is likely to add very much property value. However, correct landscaping is vital to get the most from the tree.

Fruit Trees

Some fruit trees such as apple, lemon, or berries are likely to attract buyers. However, these tres will only lure someone who loves aspecific kind. For instance, if you plant an apple, it could charm a potential buyer who loves the tree. And in some cases, these fruits may also chase buyers.

Landscaping with Trees to Increase Property Value in Manteca

If you are looking for excellent esthetics in your home and using trees as a form of property improvement, Bloom Tree Trimming Service is your to-go tree service company. We have a team of specialized arborists who dedicate their time to providing excellent tree services. Call us today (209) 285-2326 and get a free estimate to get started.

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