Non-Native Trees That Thrive in Stockton, CA

Non-natives are trees that do not occur naturally in a region but begin to grow due to deliberate or accidental human activities. They are commonly mistaken for invasive trees. However, these species are not harmful to others, unlike the invasive ones, which hinder other trees’ survival.

While most non-native trees turn out to be invasive in some way, there are still some that adapt and survive with the native ones. Here are the non-native trees that thrive in Stockton, CA. They are as beneficial as the native trees.

Tulip Tree

The tulip belongs to the magnolia family and thrives in California. It grows to a height of about 50m or more if found in a forest. It is a large deciduous tree that produces flowers resembling tulips. The tree has an excellent shade and blooms well during Spring.

Japanese Blueberry

The Japanese blueberry is native in New Zealand but also thrives in California climatic conditions. It is a deciduous evergreen tree that grows to a height of between 30 to 40 feet. It grows oval and flowers during winter. The blueberry does not need much water to grow.

Bur Oak

The bur oak is a deciduous tree native to Canada. It is known to produce the largest best-tasting acorns of all oak trees. The tree grows to a height of 35 to 40 meters and can live to around 400 years. It is a great shade tree that you can plant in urban centers since it is less susceptible to air pollution. It is also an excellent timber tree.

Bald Cypress

It belongs to the deciduous conifer family and grows naturally in the Southeastern United States. The tree thrives in all soil types, whether swampy, wet, or dry. Its lacy leaves turn to russet-red during fall. Additionally, it is resistant to rotting, and termites can thrive well in Stockton.


It is a lovely shade tree with crooked branches and blue fruits, which make it quite attractive.


Not all non-native trees are invasive. Some of these trees are beneficial even when not grown in their native land. However, understanding which non-native tres to plant becomes complicated for ordinary Homeowners. That’s why there are different tree service providing companies in almost every region.

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