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Palm trees abound in a place like Modesto, CA and you may be having them in your yard too. Trees of every kind require to be maintained. This includes watering the plants and trees and pruning and cutting when needed. Palm trees should also be trimmed when its fonds (leaves) turn yellow or start dropping.Palm tree trimming in Modesto, CA has to be carried out properly to make sure these factors are taken care of.

The healthy green fonds of the palm trees grow upward and are very much needed for the growth of the tree. You may be aware that palm trees need a lot of direct sunlight and the green fonds help in this. They receive the sunlight and convert it into food for the palm tree. 

How to Trim the Palm Trees?

You can handle the trimming of palm trees if you have the necessary tools, skill, and inclination. If you are handling it, you will need the following tools and other items:

  • Pruning knives
  • Pruning saws
  • Garden knives
  • Hard hand gloves
  • Safety glasses

You must protect yourself by wearing heavy trousers and full sleeve shirts. Some of the fonds may be sharp and you should not get hurt.

On the other hand, you can call us to execute the work. Bloom Tree Trimming Services is a leading tree services company in Stockton, CA and we offer tree services in Modesto.

Our field executives deputed for tree trimming services will be fully equipped with the gear and tools to carry out the palm tree trimming work.

Palm Tree Trimming Process

The trimming or pruning of palm trees is not a very complicated exercise. You have to remove all the dead fonds. Check if there are any old fruit stems on the palm tree. They should be removed as well. The best way is to cut and remove fonds that have no green left on them. If the palm tree is small, the pruner will do. For larger palms, you will need the pruning saw.

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Key Points to Keep in View

There are a few precautions you have to take while trimming palm trees.

First, you must have alcohol or hydrogen peroxide handy. You must treat the tools with them before and in between the trimming operations. This is advised since a diseased palm tree can be transmitted to a healthy plant.  There is a method in cutting the fonds. You have to leave a small portion attached to the trunk. It will fall off naturally. You should not try to cut it forcefully. We employ arborists who advise the execution team on all these factors.

Another reason you will require our services to handle palm tree trimming in Modesto CA is that we can take care of palm trees of different heights. You may not be able to reach some of the tall palm trees in your yard.

Removing the Cut Leaves/Fonds

Even for tree removal in Modesto CA, you will find our services useful. We bring the required vehicle to remove the cut/pruned portions of the trees in your yard. We are experienced in handling the disposal in line with the local rules. 

Don’t hesitate to call Bloom Tree Trimming Services in Stockton CA for any tree-related service in Modesto, California.

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