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Oak trees are recognized as heritage plants and most states in the USA have laws to protect oak trees. If you have oak trees in your property, you should take proper care of them. Maintenance of any tree involves watering, pruning when necessary, and generally preventing them from damages of any kind.

However, each species of trees can differ from the other and their maintenance requirements could be unique. Oak trees fall in that unique category and their heritage tag makes it more important as well. A good arborist will advise you on the best ways to handle heritage oak tree maintenance. Here are some tips you may find useful.

Watering Requirements for Oak Trees

You have to water the heritage oak tree regularly. However, it is very important to avoid over-watering as well. Over-watering can even lead to the death of the oak trees. The problem is, it won’t show up immediately. You will know only much later. The watering needs of oak trees is largely dependent on the type of oak tree you are taking care of and the weather conditions around you.

If you take the example of a city like Los Angeles where there are a lot of heritage oak trees, the region has hot summers, and winters bring rains. You have to keep a close watch on the watering requirements of the oak trees and water them only when there is a shortfall in the rain. Even in the summer, there is no need for you to water the oak trees since they possess the ability to tolerate the heat.

Pruning of Oak Trees 

As part of tree maintenance activity, you will be required to prune the heritage oak trees. However, you have to know a few facts about these trees before you undertake any pruning activity. The first thing to note is the oak trees will require pruning every 3 to 5 years depending on their growth. In the early stages of the oak tree’s life, this may be done more frequently, say 2 to 3 years. The threat to the oak trees can come from excessive pruning. Experts say the inside branches of the oak tree can suffer sun damage if you end up pruning the tree beyond the desired levels.

The other important factor is the time of the year you decide to prune the oak trees. The best advice is to avoid pruning between April and October and schedule it only between November and March. Winter is the ideal time to prune heritage oak trees.

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Other Important Factors

There are a few other points related to tree maintenance you must be aware of, particularly when it comes to oak trees. One of them is to avoid spreading mulch around the tree. When you grow trees, you are advised to use mulch around their base to help retain the moisture. In oak trees, this job is done by the leaves of the tree that keep dropping. They form a nice layer of protection and keep the moisture beneath from evaporating. Next, you should not plant any other sapling close to the oak tree. You must leave at least six to ten feet from the trunk free from any activity, including any construction or other. No trenching should be permitted close to the oak trees since their roots can get damaged.

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