Landscaping Made Easy

Our goal with this article is to make landscaping easy. This article is extracted from the book called “Tough plants for California Garden” by “Felder Rushing”. Landscaping makes just not the place beautiful but also enriches our lives. This article will give our readers some interesting tips about landscaping.

There ain’t a whole lot that you have to do to be a pretty successful gardener, beyond choosing tough plants and planting them fairly well. After that, watering wisely, occasional fertilizing, and a little trimming are the only routine things most good gardeners really need to do.

Still, how you arrange plants determines both how they look, and how they work together.

Keep in mind that cities usually have guidelines or regulations on the types of landscaping allowed in front yards, especially in architecturally controlled neighborhoods. The persistent gardener can usually transform this stilted approach slowly over time.

To ape a cliché, there are no cliché plants, only cliché gardeners. Here are some simple tricks to getting more use out of your garden, with less effort, and to avoid trouble down the road:

  • Look at your garden. Can you see it from the house, or do you have to walk out to the street and turn around to see it? Plant stuff you can see from your own point of view.
  • Wander around your home grounds. If the walk or path is uncomfortable for you, it’s even worse for visitors.
  • Lessen your chores. Lose whatever needs too much mowing, watering weeding, whatever-ing. Make your lawn smaller with mulches and groundcovers.
  • Lose a plant that is killing your enthusiasm-most flowers are just passing through.
  • Sit in your garden. No place? Make a place that is comfortable in all seasons and weather. Do something to make it smell and sound nice, too.
  • Look Up. Get your eyes off the ground with a trellis, arbor, or other “vertical” feature.
  • Flat is boring. Add a raised berm or planter, sunken garden, or treehouse.
  • Add These: Water features, evening lighting, and fragrance, dining area, music.
  • Enjoy. Don’t abide taste-makers or plant snobs. It’s your yard, your garden, your lifestyle.
Tree Landscape
Tree landscape

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