Do Insurance Cover Downed Trees from Storm?

Questions of tree removal in Stockton, CA is one that is commonly asked due to the frequent occurrence of storms in the area. It’s also relevant as Stockton is home to a large diversity of trees and has one of the best tree-planting programs in the state. Trees play a very important role in our lives as they offer oxygen, shade during the piping hot summer days and shelter when it rains. Stockton is known for having temperamental weather after all, and trees do help a lot in this regard.

There is also a downside to this. During heavy storms, damage from downed trees can be devastating to a homeowner. Though there are rules and guidelines regarding the placement of trees in Stockton CA, the predicament of house owners is a different beast altogether. If you have a tree growing right next to your house, the only option you have is to cut it down and replant one in a safer area.

Emergency Tree Removal Service in Stockton,CA
Emergency Tree Removal Service Stockton,CA

Do You Get Insurance Relief From Downed Trees Caused by Storms?

The short answer to this is yes and no as it depends on your plan specifically. There are various facets to this question and so you need to look at it from the required points.

  • Vehicle Insurance Cover for Downed Trees – Auto insurance coverage does offer the option to get relief from downed trees but does not come by default in all cases. Therefore you must check your insurance and ensure that it is in place especially if you live in Stockton.
  • Homeowners Insurance – In general, a home insurance plan often covers any damage suffered from downed trees in a storm and also takes care of costs involved in removing the fallen tree.
  • Damage to Neighbor’s property – If your tree fell into your neighbor’s property during a storm, it will be their insurance policy that will cover any damage involved and not yours.
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What If the Tree Wasn’t in a Good Condition Before it was downed in a Storm?

Here is where you must call professional tree trimming and tree pruning services in your area to take care of your trees. If a tree was found to be in a deteriorating condition before the storm, any damage caused later, won’t be paid for by your insurance coverage. This could amount to a substantially high amount which is why you must take care of your trees in your backyard.


Will I Get Coverage for Downed Trees from Storm That Didn’t Cause Any Damage?

If the tree fell during a storm in your yard but didn’t cause any damage, the cost of removal will be on you. The standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the cost of tree removal if there isn’t any damage involved. Luckily there are plenty of professional services for tree removal in Stockton, CA that can do the job at very affordable rates.


Overall, it depends on the insurance coverage you have when it comes to damages suffered from downed trees in storms. It is therefore advisable to avail the services of professionals such as Bloom Tree Trimming Service in Stockton CA to ensure that you not only maintain the health of your trees but also get them removed if needed, at affordable rates.