Trees That Will Cause You Trouble in Galt

Planting trees in your yard is quite a fantastic idea. However, you must know that planting certain trees or shrubs in the yard might cost you more than their worth.

Some trees require special care compared to the rest, while others have undesirable qualities such as attracting pests and diseases. Therefore, as a homeowner, there are different aspects of trees, beyond their beauty, that you need to consider. Below are trees that will cause you trouble in Galt and why you should avoid planting them in your yard.


Most homeowners love cottonwood because it’s aesthetically appealing and has lower maintenance costs. However, if you plan to plant cottonwood in the yard, you will have to deal with specific problems.

It has shallow roots making it unstable, and has a weak wood structure, which means that the plant cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Cottonwood will not last long in the backyard.

Bradford Pear

While you are looking for a fast-growing tree, Bradford pear could be an easy option. However, it’s not an ideal tree because it produces a very unpleasant odor when it flowers. Also, the tree limbs are weak and tend to break during strong winds.


Most homeowners in Galt like the mimosa tree because it creates the perfect shade in hot weather conditions. The trees prone to diseases and attracts pests, making

maintenance somewhat hard. Additionally, mimosa produces seeds that thrive even during weed and germinate quickly like weeds.

Ficus Tree

The ficus tree is a common non-native tree that is widely grown n CA. If you love the tree and want to grow it in your home, you should know its root issues.

The tree has an overly intrusive root system. Planting the tree without professional guidance from arborists could destroy your basements, sidewalks, or driveway.

Silver Maple

The silver maple is a lovely plant that can thrive well in most parts of California. It is an easy choice for homeowners since it is easy to prune and offers excellent shade. Its roots grow very shallow and can damage the walkway. However, the biggest problem is that the tree has weak branches.

Galt Tree Service

Before settling on a specific choice, it’s your due diligence to perform thorough research and ask for assistance from experts who are well trained in tree service.

Bloom Tree Trimming Service is a company that is dedicated to offering quality tree services in Galt, Stockton, CA, and its environs. Call us at (209)285-2326 for guidance from our arborists.


Tree planting is not as easy as it seems to be, especially when deciding which trees are the best. Each tree species has unique features that might not be common to the rest, which might troublesome in some way.

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