Evergreen Trees to Grow in Lodi

The city of Lodi is home to most evergreen tree species that thrive in California. Evergreen trees thrive in all seasons of the year and ten to maintain their appearance throughout.

Homeowners like the evergreen trees because they are perfect for maintaining the privacy and shield the home from strong winds. Since they do not dry, they enhance the yard with colorful foliage. With so many tree species that survive in almost all weather conditions, here are the best evergreen trees you can grow in Lodi.

Live Oak

The live oak is evergreen and has dark green foliage. It has a gracefully spreading shade that remains throughout the year. With great care, the tee can live for several years and grows to a height of up to 60 feet.


The redwood is a very tall evergreen tree and belongs to the cypress family. It is among the tallest tree species globally, growing to a height of about 115.5 meters. However, plant the tree some distance away from the house because the roots could damage your walkway.

Australian Willow

The Australian willow is a beautiful evergreen tree growing to around 5 feet tall. The tree is relatively easy to maintain as it does not attract pests and diseases. Additionally, it does not have shallow or invasive roots and has lower water demands than other trees. Its olive-green leaves drooping make it similar to the weeping willow. During spring, it produces white flowers, which have a great fragrance.

Island Oak

The island oak is considered drought tolerant and thrives in a range of soil conditions such as loam, clay, or even sand. It is an evergreen, fast-growing tree with a growth rate of 24 inches in a season.


Rosewood is an evergreen foliage tree. However, its leaves can be damaged by frost. The tree grows to a height of 30 to 50 feet with a great canopy. Its roots host nitrogen-fixing bacteria and can thrive in sandy, clay, and loam soils.


There are quite numerous tree species that can survive in all weather seasons and almost any soil type. The evergreen trees end to maintain the beauty of your home all year round, maintaining utmost privacy with their foliage. Professional tree service companies like Bloom Tree Trimming Service will provide you quality services to support your tr health and help you choose quality evergreen trees that grow well in Lodi.

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